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BGS Security Sdn Bhd, a leading security guard services company in Malaysia, Johor Bahru. Certainly, we are always ready to provide the best security & technology service especially to let our customers rest assured to operate and develop their business in a safety environment. We are a LICENSED (By KDN) (By PIKM) and insured security guard company. BGS Security was launched in 2011 with a small group of employees, after 10 years of effort, now we have grown to 300 employees. Because of our trusted expertise, as a result, we are service a wide range of specialty industries such as commercial real estate, residential, hospitality, factory, shopping mall and etc. With over 10 years of experience in the security field, we believe we are capable to provide our clients a smooth, hassle free and professional manners.


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BGS Company’s goal is to professionally protect and safeguard each of our client’s personnel, facilities and buildings.

Our clients such as UEM Group, Gamuda Land, BCB Group, or client in other industries also like to use our Local security guards and Nepalese guards at their Johor Bahru premises. BGS Guard
BGS is understand how important is the Visitor Management System (VMS) to our client.

With a proper visitor record protocols, VMS is not only helps to prevent the intruders risk, but also improving client confidence and provide a safety environment. BGS Visitor Management System (VMS)
Central Monitoring System (CMS) is an important security system to observe the internal security and security of surround building.

With CMS, BGS is able to promote a safety space, reduce potential crime and minimize case of property damage as well as usually we do.  BGS Central Monitoring System (CMS)
In BGS, we understand the importance to provide a good customer service to all our valued customer or potential customer.

Therefore, we are dedicating to provide the highest quality of customer service.  Customer Service BGS
Security patrolling is a major deterrent to crime indeed.

Currently BGS has 4 types of patrolling method:

i. Foot patrol (included bicycle & motorcycle)
ii. Watchman clock or guard tour system
iii. CCTV system (CMS)
iv. Vehicle patrol (for large site).  BGS Patrol Vehicle
Gurkhas are known as some of the most skilled, bravery and fiercest warriors in the world.

In particular, we believe Gurkhas are able to provide a high quality security service to our clients.  BGS Nepalese Guard (Gurkhas)
BGS Security provides motorcade escort for wide range of client needs. However, all escort service plan providing by BGS is plan according by our client’s unique needs.  BGS Entourage & Luggage Transport
BGS Security Sdn Bhd


Unarmed security guard has become a high demand after past few years especially in the residential area. Everyone knows nothing comes more important than your health and safety.As a security guard provider, BGS are able to provide your Local and Nepalese unarmed security guard caters for the industries.

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